RealSPC® is software for statistical process control.  It offers an enterprise solution allowing you to enter and store product measurement data along with process information. The data entered can then be retrieved in its raw form or viewed using a variety of statistical control charts from any computer on the network.

RealSPC® utilizes powerful tools to provide a fully relational database for data storage, retrieval, and manipulation.  This gives users the ability to easily compare test data from multiple machines and products.

RealSPC® was written by manufacturing people for manufacturing people. We pride ourselves in having an excellent working knowledge of your equipment, processes, products, and requirements that are placed on you by your customers.  This allows us to react immediately to your needs; either by resolving technical support questions, offering advice concerning testing methods or equipment selection, or even by developing a custom software solution.

We like having happy customers.  We go out of our way to make the software work for you and are willing to spend the time and effort that is required to get your operation up and running with RealSPC®.

RealSPC® makes it easy for the Process and Quality Technicians!  RealSPC® reminds the technicians it is time for testing products or time to take additional readings by using the "ToDo" list and screen.  These lists are keyed to the test station and only show that station's work to be done.

RealSPC® supports multiple stream processes.  RealSPC® includes a number of features that are needed to control and diagnose multi-stream manufacturing.  These include such processes as multiple cavity molds for injection and blow molding, multiple-head equipment for meta, glass, and plastic container production, and multiple head fillers for the beverage industry. Charts summarizing data by stream allow you to see tendencies of a specific mold and plan appropriate maintenance to maximize utilization of downtime.

If your company has multiple sites, we offer an Enterprise Data Collaboration System. The Enterprise Data Collaboration system provides a company with central entry and management of product/machine/test lists and data from the corporate location.  This will allow Corporate the ability to analyze data across all or a selected number of plants! All specifications are entered at the corporate location and synchronized to plants.  Plants enter data and that data is retrieved from plants by the corporate location.  In addition, Enterprise Data Collaboration has a method of synchronization that allows for plants to alter historical data and update the corporate database with the alterations.

With the Enterprise Data Collaboration system, a company will be able to:

   • Identify problems across plants faster and resolve them sooner
   • Manage data from all or some plants
   • Generate customized multi-plant reports; and much, much more!

RealSPC® is available in English and Spanish. For the Enterprise Data systems sites can be identified as using Spanish, and then their test names can be translated for use at the site. This way the Operators at those plants will be using their familiar Spanish test names, but the corporate group can summarize all data using English test names.