Welcome to GrayTech Systems

Located outside of Atlanta Georgia, GrayTech Systems has been offering software engineering solutions to industry since 1994. Our software systems are designed for the production environment. Anywhere there are products to be tested and processing parameters to be monitored, RealSPC® can work for you. The information is available in reports, graphs, and logs, providing data needed by the different functional units within your organization.

GrayTech Systems is a leading supplier of SPC and production process monitoring software. We provide software solutions for data acquisition, analysis and reporting from testing and production equipment. Our leading product, RealSPC® is widely used by the largest and most respected names in the plastics packaging manufacturing industry as well as food and beverage suppliers. They have come to rely on our experience in all aspects of the packaging industry from container design, production and processing to quality systems development. We possess in-depth working knowledge of our customer's equipment, processes, and the requirements that are placed upon them by their customers. This allows us to react immediately to their needs; either by resolving technical support questions, offering advice concerning testing methods or equipment selection, or even by developing custom software solutions. We provide a system that is useful and easy to use.